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 Code of Conduct 

As a representative of Asbury Church at retreats/ministry events, I want to reflect a behavior that promotes Christian values and beliefs. In this regard, I will, to the best of my ability, conduct myself in accordance with the following guidelines:


·         As a matter of courtesy and respect for the members of my Youth Group, I will be prompt in meeting at the designated places and times. I will stay within designated areas and only venture beyond such areas after receiving permission from the Youth Pastor or Sponsors.

·         I understand the necessity for establishing appropriate rules and guidelines to promote a safe and fair event. I will comply with the rules established by the Youth Pastor and Sponsors as well as the rules established by those in charge of the event.  Firearms, knives (or other weapons), drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products are prohibited. These will be confiscated and turned over to parents or the proper authorities.  (The purchase of the above items while on youth trips constitutes a violation of this rule and will result in the confiscation of the items and reporting to the proper authorities.)

·         The Youth Pastor, Sponsors and each member of the Youth Group are entitled to my respect. As such, I will treat everyone as I would wish to be treated. I will be attentive to the directions given by the Youth Pastor and Sponsors. Should it be necessary to explain an action, I will do so in a positive manner and with respect, knowing that I will receive the same respect from the Youth Pastor and Sponsors.

·         I understand that decisions made by the Youth Pastor and Sponsors are made in my best interests. Should I feel compelled to discuss a decision made by the Youth Pastor or Sponsors, I will do so in a respectful and positive manner, knowing that I will be listened to with sincerity and given fair consideration.

·         The use of appropriate language promotes positive attitudes. I will use language which encourages and uplifts my fellow youth and adults attending activities; language which shows respect for myself and others. The use of foul, offensive language will be dealt with quickly and appropriately. Repeated violation of this rule will result in my expulsion from the event or my being sent home, at my expense, from the trip.

·         Participation in activities is an important means to fellowship and getting to know others better. I will make every effort to be an active participant.

·         I will follow the Youth Ministries expectations regarding appropriate dress* while attending all youth group functions. 


I have read and understand the above guidelines and will, to the best of my ability, follow them. Behavior that places myself or others at risk will result in parental contact and a possible request to leave the activity early. 


*All clothing must be modest NO bare midriff, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops or shirts with straps smaller than 2 inches, Speedos for boys, bikinis for girls, bike shorts, spandex, or baggy clothing.  Modest length shorts, please.  Those not following this dress code will be asked to leave or will be asked to call their parents in order to have more appropriate clothing brought to them.  Repeated violation of the dress code with be dealt with appropriately by the Youth Pastor.