What is Vision 7:51?

In the fall of 2019, Asbury Church began a discernment process to discover what the next several years would like for us. Out of those discussions, we have come up with several goals we are committed to achieving:

  • By September 1, 2024, we will engage 501 people in an upbeat, authentic worship experience. People will sense love and acceptance, and as a result, we will celebrate 170 people professing faith in Jesus Christ. Out worship teams will expand to serve three morning services. We will install technology that will attract the current and next generations. “Jesus has come into my life” stories will be the norm and permeate our gathering times.
  • Our children’s ministry will grow to 100 kids and our students will soar to 75. Excited kids and teens will fill our hallways each Sunday. We will witness our youth following Jesus and sharing their faith with their friends.
  • We will build a discipleship path designed for the people we are called to reach. Our radical hospitality will encourage people to take steps to become devoted followers of Christ.
  • Our outreach ministries will enhance our community visibility and will become a bridge into our church. Our communication strategy will ensure everyone knows our vision and mission. We will become known as the church who loves and serves Corpus Christi.

To learn more or if you have any questions, please contact Lead Pastor Forrest Deviney.